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Aizen - A graffiti artist, muralist, illustrator and motion graphics designer.He is based in sunny Singapore. He first learned to paint with aerosols from a local graffiti legend in 2002. Now, he produces interactive art in a wide array of traditional and digital mediums. His pieces have an undeniable flow, carefully constructed with lines and letterforms. There is purpose in the elements he uses. Aizen has exhibited artworks, mentored and co-curated in exhibitions for PAssionArts, with the support of Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. He’s also painted in the streets of London,Munich, Barcelona and Melbourne, among many others.


Aizen is part of The Other Guys (TOG), a graffiti crew that has members in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the USA.

Aizen | Hive: The Series

  • Hive: The Series

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