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Born 1969 in Washington DC, USA, grew up in south west France, lived most of his "adult life in NYC, USA "and moved to Singapore in 2016.

Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Nimes, France (1992). Lectured at the Fashion Institute of Design and Technology, NYC, USA (2008) and at the School of Interior Design, NYC, USA (2015).

His selected exhibitions include: “Expo a part”, ACAAD, Marseilles, France (1998); “Triangle”, World Trade Center north tower 91st floor, NYC, USA, (2000); “Preliminary drawings”, Studio Faccetti, Brooklyn, NY, USA (2002); “Art and Architecture”, Roslyn, Long Island, NY, USA (2012); Gallery 77, Queens, NY, USA (2015).

If Pascal Jalabert happens to turn kitchen tables upside down, to distribute blank flyers on the street or to build bridges in indoor spaces it is essentially a natural extension of his life-long drawing practice.

He disorients by representing (in detailed mapped drawings) or by presenting (through real life objects, situations) recognisable iconographies situated outside of their usual context.

His productions assume the poetic form of a proposition for a walk, embodying a progression in time and space, through an introspective observation of his memory.

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