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Yoko received her Master Degree in Architecture in Hong Kong and had practised as an architect since 2003. After relocated to Singapore in 2013, she pursued a Diploma of Fine Art in NAFA as she is always fascinated about painting and graduated in 2016 with a Best Graduate Award. Currently she is pursuing a Master of Art Therapy in Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. 

Yoko specialises in western painting, but is also a multi-disciplinary artist who tries to explore different methods and medium for different projects, such as ceramics, sculpture and mixed media installation. Concurrent with her current volunteering experience in Children’s Cancer Foundation with cancer children, she focuses her work on societal and humanity issues. Her vision for art is to heal people in need through enjoyment and reflections in the art making process and exploration. She aspires to specialize in Art Therapy in the future years and contribute in not-for-profit organization especially with needy children. 

She had also participated in private and public exhibitions, including “Art Stage” 2017 by UOB, “Explorations” by UOB in Hong Kong and Singapore, “Savour the Arts” by NAFA and TCC, “Nine Feet +” by NAFA, “Singaplural” 2015 and 2016 by SFIC, “Revelations” by NUSS, “Art Meet Science Innovat50n” by A-Star. She received a Best Graduate Award and a Woon Brothers Commendation Award for her graduation artwork from NAFA in 2016, and an Executive Committee Award in the Student Category from Art Olympia International Open Art Competition 2015 in Tokyo, and the “Most Promising Artist of the Year” under Singapore Emerging Artist from UOB Painting of the Year 2016. 

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