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With the confluence of both organizational structure and organic forms, the influence of Saturn surrounded with the ring is developed. Although the Earth with all concrete establishment and rich resources is still the main planet for human to settle, Saturn which is relatively much bigger in size and full of mystery is always the research focus in the world of scientists. The connection of 2 planets has been brought forward by discovery of the network of molecules on one of the 60 moons orbiting Saturn recently.


Engaged in gravity free like environment, viewers are presented the visual articulation with various shapes orbiting different planets. The organization of all forms in disparate environment in a harmonious way depends on individual relative perspective using a complex network as molecules net.

Sandy - Born in Hong Kong, Sandy Liu graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. After working in the finance field for over a decade, she decided to pursue her life-long passion in art. Having lived in more than six countries, her art explores the effects of geographic locations on emotions and social behaviour using a multidisciplinary approach. She has actively participated in various group exhibitions in Singapore.

Sandy Liu | Relativity 2

  • Relativity 2

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